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Guidabolla per film estrusi a soffio

       Bubble cages for blown films

              Cestas de guía para film soplado


Our company is producing machinery for guiding and calibrating films produced with air blown extrusion technology.

In the year 2007 we have filed a patent request for a bubble cage with adjustable diameter, working on a swivel principle but with IRIS pivoted on two points. The cage has the advantage of a simple mechanical construction but precision on the bubble centerline equivalent to a scissor cage. The system is protected by International patent in a number of countries.

We offer also:

Bubble cages using swivel principle with traditional single IRIS.

Simplified cages just for bubble centering.

Guides using cylinders, carbon or insulated with several materials. Steel rods with plastic bushings, on curved shapes or strait.

Also bubble enclosures to protect extrusion area from air turbulence.

The guiding system on our bubble cages is “normally” interchangeable without mechanical modifications and most materials used, are food compliant.