Guidabolla per film estrusi a soffio

       Bubble cages for blown films

              Cestas de guía para film soplado


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Several options available for any specific requirement.

Herewith we list a few, the most often used.

Speed Control Card

Electronic card for motor speed variation. Used for open/close 12/24vDC motor.

Very useful with automatic IBC control.

Manual adjusting on X-Y axis (+/- 40mm.)

Quite simple application for fast and precise cage centering.

Linear potentiometer 5K. Installation on open/close motor to detect cage diameter.

Brackets for IBC ultrasonic sensors.

Can handle any u/s sensor type, stationary or mounted on moving arms and any number.

IBC sensor.

Oscillating assembly reading bubble position by contact. Can mount a pneumatic valve type “Frematic” or an electrical sensor.

Electrical Cabinet.

Cabinet with full control of cage movements. Joy-stick commands. 3PhAC multi-tension supply. Auxiliary services with 24V. CE certified. / 10Mt. cable.


On request it is possible to rotate a cage with an oscillating movement at 360° (+10°). This option is necessary in case of oscillating die to have an accurate IBC control. Obviously this movement makes electrical wiring complex. The most simple solution is by cable recovery using a flex conduit (see picture). Possible also recovery using a power chain.

Analog Size Display. Precise read-out. Available for all sizes, either very big or very small.