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Guidabolla per film estrusi a soffio

Bubble cages for blown films

Cestas de gua para film soplado

Series CM Bubble Cages

International patent, swivel principle with double pivot. Precision on center radial / scissor type /

This precision allows higher speed, higher output like +5-10% (feed-back from customers).


Series LS/LC/CC Bubble Cages

Traditional swivel principle with single pivot.

Precision on center with deviation about 0/ 4 enough for IBC control with ultrasonic sensors.


Selecting guide system and materials




NYLON food certified: Film HD / mono-layer / film with no print (bushings can mark surface)

PTFE / Teflon food certified: better rotation, no markings but wear will request periodic replacement.


V mounting with 2 strait rods / our standard. Good rotation, low wear, no markings

K mounting with curved rods. Logical shape but higher wear and possible pinching.


NYLON bushing sizes

L.20mm 22 on rods 8mm = bubbles up to 2600 Layflat, excellent rotation.

L.20mm 22 on rods 12mm = large bubbles

L.20mm 28 on rods 12mm = very large bubbles


PTFE bushing sizes

L.15mm 16 on rods 8mm = bubbles up to 2600 Layflat

L.20mm 22 on rods 12mm = large bubbles.




Cylinders are offered in Carbon Fiber/CFK or metal but covered with insulating materials like silicon and felt.

A cylinder will not leave markings but likely will be heavier compared to bushings, so higher inertia = less speed.


Film LD - LLD and in general any delicate surface, printed surfaces, film for lamination, etc.

SIL - Foam Silicon: Coex / soft surfaces. The most requested and common. Good insulation, little maintenance

FLT - Wool Felt: Metallocenes and crystal films. Felt is better but with relevant maintenance and frequent washing.

SIL - Solid silicon: Film for food packaging. Does not pick-up dirt easily, poor insulation = gauge variations.

CFK - Carbon Fiber: very light, replacing plastic bushings with real advantage. Best extrusion speed.

CFF - Food Carbon: low-stick surface coating with component certified for food contact.

CFP - Carbon with Plasma coating: Coating no-stick for stretch / tacky films. Food certified.

Expensive coating solution but the only one for films with high presence of EVA.



Cylinder Dimensions

22/24mm. cylinders CFK / SIL / FLT: for bubbles up to 2600mm Layflat

32mm. cylinders CFK standard, bubbles up to 5000mm Layflat.

43mm. cylinders CFK for giant bubbles ( with V mounting).

44mm. cylinders 35 metal covered with felt or silicon for large bubbles from 3000 to 15Mt Layflat.



1. On request and with a price addition all cylinders can be mounted with V shape (double cylinders).

2. Mind that in case of poor results or wrong choice, the Bmec bubble cages can easily change the guides.

3. All Bmec cages can mount IBC sensors on moving arms (working at constant distance from bubble wall).

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