Guidabolla per film estrusi a soffio

       Bubble cages for blown films

              Cestas de guía para film soplado


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Turin: motorway to Milan exit Novara / Malpensa / Busto A.

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For technical information and

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Do not forget to provide the following technical data:


· HOT bubble diameter / min and max. Do not confuse film size expected on winder.

· Guides ( if with cylinders or segmented bushings )

· Nr. of levels or the vertical guiding height

· Vertical stroke: H/….


· Extrusion speed and type of polymers planned

· Centering cage (if required).


Data Verification:


1. Hot Bubble Diameter

This is the only dimension that matters, but sometimes not easy to establish. You should calculate the cooling shrink, side-cutting, gussets, etc.

Important: wrong information = wrong machine

2. Guides

Guiding method, if by cylinders or segmented beads. Usually LD polymers go with cylinders. Tacky films with EVA will need a low-stick or no-stick surface. For food packaging guide should be food compliant. Ck. Guiding Systems

3. Levels

A certain height of guide is required. Usually 5 levels or 1Mt height is supposed to be Ok

4. Vertical Stroke

Based on extrusion program and polymers the frost line position can vary considerably. If plan is for a single product, 1Mt can be Ok. In case extend stroke to 1.5Mt or more.

5. IBC

Sensors are usually installed on the lower part of the cage. We need to know their number and working system. Ck IBC

6. Materials

You know exactly what your line will do but sometimes may of help to know your plans and help for a correct selection.