Guidabolla per film estrusi a soffio

       Bubble cages for blown films

              Cestas de guía para film soplado


SB series / Bubble Screens


The bubble screen or bubble enclosure is a protection tent to prevent alterations in the extrusion area: die - air ring - frost line, etc. from the air streams caused by external factors like large doors, cold walls, moving vehicles, exhibitions, etc. No size limitations but space required is relevant.


· Octagon structure with see-through walls. Protection height 2Mt. or more.

· Bottom can be left open or closed with a walkable surface.

· Standard access for servicing: using a man-hole pit from the floor.

· For large enclosures: advisable to add 2 opposite doors with foldable panels.

· Floor will gently sit on air-ring. A rubber ring will seal off inside from outside.

· Structure is lifted with 4 jacks. The lift can occasionally be used for lifting the air-ring for die maintenance.

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Nr. 4 jacks will lift the structure. Transmission with steel rods. No chain problems.

On request, it is possible to add 1 or 2 foldable side doors to easy servicing and line start-up.