Guidabolla per film estrusi a soffio

Bubble cages for blown films

Cestas de gua para film soplado


LC (Low-Cost) Series

 Traditional Systems with single IRIS. The mechanical system will vary in height according to number of levels.

 NOT Interchangeable Guides. Arms are built in one piece.

 Precision on center fairly correct. Error from centerline varies from 0 to 4 or in the range of IBC ultrasonic sensors installed on moving arms.

 The arm is done with a tubular support holding guides. The tube is not cold-bent but cut and welded to ensure a correct angle and precise vertical alignment of guiding arms.

 Guiding Levels. Multiple levels available, 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 according to customer requirements.

 The geometric pattern is based on the 3 because 3 is the way to hold correctly a round shape. So, based on sizes, we have 6 and 9 shafts.

(For the first 2 smallest dimensions we use 4 shafts).

 This construction does not leave empty corners. Bubble guiding with no noticeable vertical stripes.



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Rettangolo arrotondato: LC / Vertical Regulation cod. RVQ


For the LC we offer only the cube structure.

Vertical positioning with jacks not offered.

Great care was applied on the design of parts eliminating completely the annoying wobbling as typical of this solution. The motor is placed in a protective position under the top frame. This way the top has no parts in the way.

Easy to install in the upper part gauge readers, break sensors etc.

For the LC series we have no construction in sectors, only rings in one piece.


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