Guidabolla per film estrusi a soffio

       Bubble cages for blown films

              Cestas de guía para film soplado


CM Series

(International Patent)


· Mechanical Structure independent from the guyding system installed. No problem for guide replacement or variations. E.g. change from cylinders to segmented beads and vice versa, in a snap.

· Modular Guides. Guides are set in modules and modules link on shafts with 2 bolts. In case of need you can move easily to a more performing guiding system. The operation is simple, like 30min and results is equivalent to a brand new cage system.

· Guide Levels: we prepare modules with guides on multiple levels 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 according to need.

· Precision on Center just exact! Guides press against bubble orthogonal / 90° This point is important since it will allow a faster extrusion, also +5/10% compared to single IRIS

· The holding arms are short, shorter than radius. Means rigidity and possibility to go very wide. One CM model has the world record for the biggest guided bubble.

· The geometric pattern is based on the 3 because 3 is the way to hold correctly a round shape. So, based on sizes, we have 6 / 9 / 12 shafts.

· Dimensions: CM090-110-130-160-180-200-230-250-280 320-360-400-440-500-550-650-750-850-950-11Mt 12Mt

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RV4 / RV6

This is the most efficient system for vertical positioning. Using heavy duty mechanical jacks 4 / 6 according to cage size. The lower part of the cage is “clean” free for placing any control for die activity. Transmission do not use chain but steel rods and universal joints. Cages shipped in sections take great advantage from this system.



For the CM sizes up to 2600 Layflat, we can offer also the more common cube structure.

Great care was applied to design parts, eliminating completely the annoying wobbling as ¥ typical of this solution. The motor is placed in a protective position under the top frame. This way the top has no parts in the way.

Easy to install in the upper part gauge readers, break sensors etc.



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